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Lee Portas.

Hello, my name is Lee Portas. I'm an artist focused on painting pet and animal portraits. Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Following design and illustration school, I was fortunate enough to build two reputable graphic design and marketing agencies called Frisbee Studios and Mighty Loop, which I still own and operate. For over 20 years in the professional landscape of creative advertising I have never lost my passion for painting and the love of animals. I take each pet painting commission with enthusiasm, getting to hear the stories of why each pet is so meaningful to their owners. I paint with those same feelings and work hard to bring that character onto every canvas. If your interested in a pet portrait please contact me and we can work out what your looking for and I can give you a quote. I'm a no pressure kind of person, so please feel no obligation if your just exploring the idea.

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